The camping industry in the Region of Valencia is represented by the Region of Valencia Campsite Federation, which in turn is formed by the three provincial associations in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante.

The Federation covers 78% of all the campsites in the Region of  Valencia, a very positive figure that leads to high levels of engagement and coordinated projects.

Out of the provinces, Alicante is home to the greatest number of members, with a total of 91% of all campsites represented. It is followed by Castellón with 70% and Valencia with 67%.

The main goals are to offer a high-quality service to the end guest and to promote this type of accommodation.

photo camping valencia

Others are to boost the image and market share of our campsites, both in Spain and abroad, and to increase tourist numbers at campsites in the Valencia Region. 


Asociación Campings Alicante: C/ Reyes Catolicos 17 , (Alicante)
Comunitat Valenciana